New Expose of Salazar S-R Shakedown

You haven’t seen much coverage recently of the continuing story of the Susquehanna-Roseland line in PA and NJ here at The Power Line.  Keryn just dug up an interesting story in the New Jersey Herald about how Interior Secretary Ken Salazar shook down transmission line owner PSEG to ramrod the S-R project through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area after the National Park Service advocated that the line be re-routed around the park.

President Obama and Salazar came up with a scheme to ramrod favored projects, including S-R, through federally mandated Environmental Impact Statement processes.  Citizens of New Jersey, and all PJM rate payers were in the crosshairs.

Salazar demanded $60 million in fake “mitigation” to make up for driving a new transmission line through the middle of DWGNRA.  And we, all the rate payers in PJM, will pay this bribe as well as a 12.9% return on equity guaranteed by FERC for the S-R project.  The minutes of the meeting between Salazar and NPS officials revealed in the Herald article show that the Park Service wanted two alternate routes, one of which would have gone through a small remote area of the NRA.  Not good enough for Salazar.  He wanted PSEG’s preferred route right through the middle of the park.

What power company wouldn’t pay that kind of bribe with someone else’s money?

And New Jersey citizens are fighting for your interests.  They have challenged the whole sleazy deal in federal court.

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