PJM Cartel News

I’ve been away on a business trip, and need to do a post on testimony filed in the AEP coal plant dump case at the WV PSC, but more post-worthy news keeps rolling in.

There is a new blog that recently popped up called PJM Insider.  It took less than a month for the PJM cartel to slap the threat of a lawsuit on PJM Insider, claiming that the blog “confused” readers into thinking that the blog was associated with the cartel.  That could never happen, of course, because the blog is all about transparency and critical thinking, both of which could never be confused with anything coming from PJM.

The legal bullying has apparently paid off, because the Insider will soon change its name to The RTO Insider.  The Insider also has a pretty funny story on how the PJM bureaucracy has become so bloated that they can’t find facilitators to manage the committees and sub-groups that proliferate throughout the cartel.  Some of the posts can be fairly technical (after all, the blog’s title is “insider”), but it is well worth taking the time to look through them.  They are pretty accessible and you might learn something about the inner workings of our largest electricity cartel.

Here is another interesting story about the expansion of grid scale battery storage in PJM.

AES today announced it plans to bring an additional 40 megawatts (MW) of advanced energy storage resources to PJM Interconnection, which controls the power grid for 60 million people in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States. To be located at Dayton Power and Light’s (DP&L) Tait generating station, just south of Dayton, Ohio, the AES battery array will provide frequency regulation service to the PJM market and bring new energy technology to Ohio that is safe, reliable, does not bear direct emissions and does not require water. This facility is the first of its kind in the state.

The article also notes that the battery storage facility at the Laurel Mountain Wind Farm near Elkins has passed the 400,000 megawatt hour storage/transfer milestone.  The development of large scale storage on both transmission and distribution grids is vital to expanding renewable generation capacity in the US.  It is here now.

One thought on “PJM Cartel News

  1. That’s interesting. This is the second SLAPP lawsuit I have read about in as many days. Next ERA wind company is suing a person who opposes them. Is the the new model for energy push back?.

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