WV PSC Warns of Billing Scam, But Not FirstEnergy’s

I just can’t resist this one.  Yesterday, the WV PSC issued a warning about electricity billing scams in KY and VA, when they resisted for months investigating a massive billing scam that was happening for months right here in WV.

That’s what I love about blogging.  You don’t even have to make stuff up.  The power companies and regulators will provide all the entertainment you need.

For months, the WV PSC staff people made excuses for FirstEnergy’s WV power companies, Mon Power and Potomac Edison.  Instead of responding to the large number of billing complaints by rate payers that FirstEnergy’s WV companies were illegally estimating electricity use for months on end, PSC staffers told people to file individual complaints and to call company customer service people.

By contrast, the MD PSC opened a general investigation on its own initiative.

Billing scams?  PSC people, don’t worry about VA and KY, you have a lot more to focus on right here in our state – just do your jobs.  The Commission has already failed by not ensuring that WV rate payers were adequately protected from FirstEnergy predation when they allowed outlaw FirstEnergy to buy Allegheny Energy with very few restrictions or assurances.  Now you have several bigger messes to clean up.

Oh, by the way, the headline on your press release is not accurate.  You describe a bill payment scam, not a billing scam.  FirstEnergy has a monopoly on billing scams in WV, because they are the only company allowed to bill for electricity in the Mon Power and Potomac Edison service areas.

One thought on “WV PSC Warns of Billing Scam, But Not FirstEnergy’s

  1. LOL So, here’s why the scam will never work in WV. Over the past week or so, I’ve had phone calls appear on my caller ID from “Fairmont WV”, “West Penn Power”, and “Allegheny Enegy”. Not a one of them said “Potomac Edison” (or any other variant). So, here’s a big hint for consumers… if your phone rings and the caller ID says “Potomac Edison” or “Mon Power”, it’s most assuredly a scam and the person on the other end is lying to you. 😉

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