PSC Secrets 1 – Governor Re-Appoints Chairman Albert in Secret

On Friday, Pam Kasey, over at Grounded, reported that Gov. Tomblin had re-appointed PSC Chairman Mike Albert to a new 6 year term on May 20.  Apparently, the Governor believes that the public doesn’t need to know about these kinds of important appointments.

Here is what the Governor’s spokesperson told Kasey:

The move was not publicly announced as far as Tomblin spokesperson Tina Stinson was aware.

Could it be that Gov. Tomblin was hiding the Albert re-appointment because of Mr. Albert’s penchant for cheerleading in pending PSC cases for the companies he used to represent as an attorney?  For examples, see here, here and here.

Controversy surrounding PSC actions with regard to Mon Power and Potomac Edison has been growing lately with regard to the companies’ billing scams in WV.  The WV PSC, unlike the MD PSC, stonewalled rate payers over opening a general investigation of the companies’ practice of continually estimating electric bills, in violation of PSC regulations.  Could this have been the reason that Gov. Tomblin was afraid of announcing Mr. Albert’s re-appointment?

And what’s with Commissioner McKinney, whose pull date came and went two years ago?  Did Gov. Tomblin secretly reappoint him?  Apparently not.  Again, from Ms. Kasey’s story:

Asked June 28 about the disposition of Commissioner Jon McKinney, whose first term expired June 30, 2011, and who has been neither re-appointed nor replaced, the governor’s office has not yet responded.

WV needs PSC Commissioners who are knowledgeable, independent, and put the state’s interests above the interests of the companies they regulate.

For more than two years, many of us have been advocating that Gov. Tomblin appoint Charleston attorney, and former PSC general counsel, Robert Rodecker to Mr. McKinney’s seat.  Now is the time to make this sensible move.  And the Governor won’t have to hide it from the public.  He can be proud to appoint Mr. Rodecker.

2 thoughts on “PSC Secrets 1 – Governor Re-Appoints Chairman Albert in Secret

  1. Because the people demand change at the PSC. If they can’t get it from the ones currently in office, they will effect change in the voting booth at the next election.

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