Dialog with AEP?

I have always welcomed discussions with power company employees and officials here on The Power Line.  A few of them have commented, but none have been prepared to engage in serious conversations in front of the public.

Then, this morning, I got a comment on a 7 month old post.  Here is the post and the comment thread.

I have no idea why this commenter, Mark, decided to comment today on a 7 month old post.  I know Mark’s comment came from a corporate network server in Columbus, OH.  Those of you who read The Power Line regularly know that I regularly discuss a Columbus-based corporation that owns a number of electric utilities in WV.

There is someone named Mark at that corporate headquarters, although I have no idea if he is the same Mark who commented on The Power Line this morning.  The Mark at the corporate headquarters is a high level executive who manages AEP’s generation portfolio.  The Mark who posted today’s comment does not really seem to have much of an understanding of what is going on with AEP’s generation system, particularly at Kentucky Power.

Of course, there are things called “sock puppets” in the blog world.  When a person wants to disguise who him/herself in order to mislead people about a position he/she is espousing, then they pretend to be someone else, a sock puppet.

So Mark, take off the sock puppet and let’s have a real discussion.  I’m waiting to hear from you.

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