Gov. Tomblin Adopts Yoda-like Stance on Expired Commissioner

Pam Kasey over at Grounded is still trying to solve the mystery of the expired commissioner.

Governor Tomblin’s PR person, Amy Shuler Goodwin, has been putting on her best Yoda imitation in response to Pam’s questions about PSC Commissioner McKinney who is now more than 2 years past his expiration date.

Why has Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin re-appointed Public Service Commission Chairman Michael Albert, whose term expired on June 30, but chosen to take no action on Commissioner Jon McKinney, whose term expired in 2011?

It appears to be impossible to know.

“That’s a decision the governor made,” said Tomblin spokesperson Amy Shuler Goodwin.


“I think what’s important here to remember is that it doesn’t matter how many years in front of you or behind you you have — what matters is the issue before you,” Goodwin said in response, and similarly each time of several times The State Journal asked her the question.

“I believe that those folks that the governor has appointed do that,” she said. “We hope that they do that. They’re charged with doing that. It doesn’t matter who goes first and who goes second. What is most important is that they’re taking up the work that they are charged to do.”


2 thoughts on “Gov. Tomblin Adopts Yoda-like Stance on Expired Commissioner

  1. What if someone challenged one of the PSC’s votes in court based on the idea that one of the commissioners was illegal? Doesn’t the Governor worry about such things?

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