Ron Binz Nominated As New FERC Chairman

Former Colorado Public Utilities Commission chairman Ron Binz has been nominated by President Obama to be the new chairman of FERC.

Binz has done some excellent work as a state regulator.  He was a strong supporter of Boulder’s push to become more self-sufficient in electricity.  He has also done some excellent thinking about how state regulators need to change their approach to the big, centralized power projects that electric companies bring them.  This power point is an excellent example of Binz’s new, and very smart, approach.

Of course, being chairman of FERC is very different from being a state regulator.  We will see if Binz continues former chairman Jon Wellinghoff’s attempt to term FERC into the conduit for big transmission development in the guise of supporting Big Wind’s fake “green” agenda.  Wellinghoff’s recent Order 1000 is exactly the kind of thinking that Binz attacks in the power point I linked to above.

The other big question here is whether the Senators funded by the big coal- and nuke- fired electricity industry, including WV’s Sen. Manchin, will actually confirm Binz.

If Mr. Binz is confirmed, then we can find out whether he will change FERC or FERC will change him.  Stay tuned.

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