Boulder Dumps Xcel

Boulder, CO is dumping utility Xcel and is moving to create its own municipal power company.

Boulder’s city staff recently prepared a memorandum which recommends moving forward with municipalization.  In the memorandum, the authors state:

Xcel, as a result of partnership discussions over the past few months, has
proposed a series of products and services it believes could help Boulder – and other customers throughout its territory – achieve green energy goals. While the city recommends further consideration of this path and continued dialogue with Xcel, the proposal does not represent a partnership that would give Boulder more of a voice in investment decisions and would likely result in customers paying increased rates for the products and services the community chooses.

Boulder citizens want to reorder the city’s power priorities to focus on reductions in power use, innovative local renewable power generation and microgrid infrastructure.  They have decided that Xcel can’t do the job, so they’ll do it themselves.

Sorry, Xcel.  You’re outta here.  Way to go Boulder.

One thought on “Boulder Dumps Xcel

  1. Excellent news. Boulder has been inexorably working towards municipalization for over a decade. It’s incredibly difficult to wrest such control away from a publicly traded utility. The cost of reimbursing the utility owner of all relevant “stranded” assts–poles, wires, substations and transformers–is usually considered too daunting.

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