WV PSC Turns Tail and Runs from PATH FERC Case

Just as settlement discussions are reaching a conclusion, what does the WV PSC do?  They cut and run.  Yup.  Last week, the WV PSC filed a letter withdrawing from the PATH abandonment case.  That is the case in which AEP/FirstEnergy are trying to dump millions of dollars of unrecovered costs for their failed PATH project on WV rate payers.

AEP/FirstEnergy want $121 million in all from all rate payers in PJM Interconnection’s region.

One thing is certain, the WV PSC doesn’t care about our electric rates going up.  Two WV citizens, Alison Haverty and Keryn Newman have been fighting PATH’s bogus rate increases for the past four years with no help from either the WV PSC or the WV Consumer Advocate.  Two other WV citizens, in addition to citizens from MD, have filed as intervenors in the FERC abandonment case, but the WV PSC hasn’t got the time or the interest to stick around and fight for West Virginians.

Shame on the WV PSC.


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