A Power Line First

Tonight is a first on The Power Line.  For the first time, I have posted a page written by someone else.  Cathy Kunkel, whom you have heard mentioned in a number of past posts, will be working with me to create a series of pages looking at the history of the electricity industry in the US.

If you want to understand what is happening now, you need to look at the past.  One of the things that you will find is that most of what is happening now has happened before.  You will also find that what is going on now looks very different if you have a little understanding of what has happened in the past.

One of the best things that has happened to me since I started in the PATH fight five years ago is that I have met many, many new friends.  Cathy is one of those friends.  She has a distinguished, so far, academic career in physics with graduate work in cosmology at Cambridge University and energy policy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at UC Berkeley.  Cathy is smart and dedicated, I welcome her to The Power Line.

Here is her first piece which you can also find as the first item under the Pages section in the right hand column – A Little History: Regulation and Deregulation.

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