Microgrid Technology – Here’s What It Looks Like

I stumbled across a brochure from a company based in Washington state that creates microgrid management systems.  I thought you might like to see what the future looks like – now.

This is not an advertisement for this company or an endorsement of the product.  I’m just using their system as an example illustrate that this is real world stuff.  In fact, in many ways, this more complicated system is essentially the same system that I use with my photovoltaic arrays (I just added a new one) and battery backup system.

Here’s a link to the brochure.  And here is a diagram of a generic system from the brochure –

microgrid microgrid

The company’s system allows large industrial and commercial companies to control their own generation and consumption systems, with battery storage, and to manage their electricity flows to and from the larger grid.

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