PJM Promoting Unreliable Power in Ohio by Replacing Generation with Transmission

PJM Interconnection and FirstEnergy are promoting new transmission projects in OH to replace closing obsolete coal-fired generators.  PJM and FE are going to be supplying OH customers with more and more electricity generated farther and farther away.

Cost for transmission upgrades will increase, and so will the possibility of more costly blackouts.

Of course, the sensible, and reliable, solution would be to replace OH coal-fired plants with new generation capacity IN the same communities where the power is needed.  And did I mention that new local renewable power development is also causing OH electric rates to fall?  Better reliability at lower cost.  How can you beat that?  But PJM and FirstEnergy have other plans.

But regulators at FERC and PUCO have turned electricity development over to the power companies and cartels like PJM.  FirstEnergy gets extra high profits for transmission upgrades and PJM gets more transmission lines.  Oh yes, and energy speculators like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase get more grid to manipulate to make even more money.

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