More Kremlinology – This Time It’s the WV PSC Harrison Case

The WV PSC filed a very interesting procedural order in the Harrison case the other day.  As usual, FirstEnergy cooked up some bogus reasons at the recent hearing why the PSC had to approve the contested settlement proposal by September 24.  In its order, the PSC responded by saying that wasn’t going to happen.

In it’s order, the PSC also points out that the proposed settlement did not address many of the issues that the Commission had wanted the parties to address.  The Commissioners went to great lengths to explain that they are not legally bound to accept any part of the settlement, and will make their own decision on their own terms.

Does this mean they are going to reject some or all of the settlement proposal?

We can’t really tell at this point, but something may be brewing at the PSC.

2 thoughts on “More Kremlinology – This Time It’s the WV PSC Harrison Case

  1. Yeah, I read that order. I had the thought that the PSC was thinking something like, “Well, we will probably mostly let you tell us what to do, eventually, but we still reserve the right to decide WHEN to do it.”

    • Frank,

      You are probably right, but I thought it was very interesting that they went on at such length about how the settlement proposal didn’t address the issues they had told the parties they wanted addressed. The only party that addressed those issues was WV CAG. We’ll see what happens.

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