Legislature Apparently Not Serious About PSC Accountability

I was away and haven’t had a chance to write about the Sept. 23 Joint Government Organization Committee’s hearing concerning the PSC’s reaction to citizen complaints about Potomac Edison’s and Mon Power’s bill mess.

Keryn listened to the whole hearing on the Internet and wrote her account over at StopPATH WV.  Click on the link and read Keryn’s account, then come back here.

Now, click on this link, which takes you to Keryn’s account of Eastern Panhandle legislators’ responses to people’s testimony of their treatment by Potomac Edison.

Here is the direct quote from Sen. Herb Snyder that night in May:

Sen. Herb Snyder shook his fist while pledging, “This starts tonight. We are going to make the Public Service Commission accountable.”

Sen. Snyder is chairman of the Joint Government Organization Committee.  Go back and read Keryn’s account of the Sept. 23 committee hearing.  Does it look like Sen. Snyder “made the Public Service Commission accountable”?

No, I didn’t think so either.

Instead, we have the usual bluster for the voters back in the district and the comfortable good ole boy game in Charleston where no one is really watching and the local media could care less about the people in the Eastern Panhandle.

It is a performance I have personally experienced too many times in my many trips to the Legislature over the past five years.  The same thing happens at the Public Service Commission.

And quite frankly, citizens bear some responsibility for the situation.  How many other people were listening, with Keryn, that Monday on the Internet?  Legislative committee meetings of at least the major committees are broadcast that way.  How many people in the Eastern Panhandle and elsewhere bothered to contact the legislators on the committee to suggest questions they wanted the PSC and FirstEnergy to answer?

At least Keryn was listening, and at least she wrote about it for everyone to read.

Did any of the members of the Gov Org committee bother to do any research before the hearing?  Googling any phrases about the FirstEnergy billing mess would have at least turned up some posts from StopPATH WV or The Power Line.  Why didn’t Sen. Snyder invite his own constituent, Keryn, to the hearing to testify?  She is very knowledgeable about both PSC practices and people’s experiences with Potomac Edison?

What we saw was Sen. Snyder and his joint committee members displaying a startling unseriousness about their jobs as representatives in a representative government.  They personally witnessed their own constituents tell them about their problems with both the power company and the PSC.  Sen. Snyder told those people that he would hold the PSC accountable.  Then, at the hearing that Sen. Snyder told us would provide that accountability, everything was whitewash and back slapping.

Sorry, Sen. Snyder, you failed.

2 thoughts on “Legislature Apparently Not Serious About PSC Accountability

  1. OKAY, Bill:
    I sent Herb and Keryn the following thread with your blog:
    “Senator, is this accurate?”
    The reply (from Snyder) came in moments:
    “That is NOT accurate.”
    At Keryn’s prompting, I asked Senator Snyder for the ‘inaccuracies.”
    Now waiting.

    • Dan, comments here at The Power Line are open to all. If Sen. Snyder wishes to correct anything here on The Power Line, he is welcome to comment and set the record straight, just like anyone else.

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