Hur Herald Has Good Coverage of Arnoldsburg Coalition for Reliable Power Meeting on Mon Power Billing Mess

Here is a link to this morning’s Hur Herald story on last week’s meeting in Arnoldsburg.  As usual, Bob and Dianne Weaver get the story straight, unlike so many larger media outlets in WV’s larger cities.

If you are having problems with estimated bills, or even no bills at all, like the two gentlemen in Calhoun, the last two paragraphs of the Hur Herald story are for you:

The WV-PSC has already said that [it is] considering setting performance targets, fining FirstEnergy’s power companies and possibly forcing FirstEnergy to read everyone’s meters every month.

Howley said, “Everyone who has problems should participate in the PSC investigation by filing complaints.”

3 thoughts on “Hur Herald Has Good Coverage of Arnoldsburg Coalition for Reliable Power Meeting on Mon Power Billing Mess

  1. Bill:
    Just a comment or two about the hearing in Shepherdstown last evening.
    Commissioner Albert did not grasp the concept that he was in POTOMAC EDISON and not Mon Power service area. He introduced the POT ED apologists as representatives of MON POWER.
    This allowed yours truly to point that out and note that “Now the members of the Public Service Commission understand that it is a long, long way from Charleston to Charles Town, but no distance at all from Charles Town to Charleston. In the May meeting, shunned by both the WVPSC and Potomac Edison, I presented a 5 point plan, one of which was that the WVPSC hold at least 8 meetings throughout the state, two in each geographic quadrant of the state per calendar year.”
    I do not think it was well received.
    I did not say this, but wish now that I had.
    Yesterday was MOLE Day, honoring the announcement of the discovery of AVAGADRO’s Number, 6.022 times 10 to the 23rd power. This is the number of atoms in a cubic measure of Carbon 12 isotope. (e.g 602 200 000 000 000 000 000 000)
    Parenthetically, it is also nearly equivalent to the number of excuses offered by Potomac Edison for their breaches of the WV PSC TARIFF.
    Local attorney Kerry Fries gave the WVPSC a short lesson in contract law.
    Keryn Newman,Patience Wait spoke well also,
    After the session, Commissioner McKinney had the timerity to ask Berkeley County Commissioner Elaine Mauk why she does not adopt the “budget plans”offered by the utilities, Pot Ed, Mountaineer Gas, et al. Commissioner Mauk had to remind Commissioner McKinney that the accounts in question are businesses and not eligible for “Budget Plans.”
    Never mind that Budget Plans using estimated bills can not easily be reconciled to detect over estimates.
    Shame the newspapers and broadcast media did not see fit to report the session in detail.
    Danny Lutz

    • Thanks for the eyewitness report, Danny. It is a crying shame that WV media are doing such a poor job of reporting this story. Thanks for giving us the straight story.

      And happy Mole Day to you, too.

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