FirstEnergy Trying to Close Glenville Service Center – Will this Help Fix Meter Reading Mess – Doubtful

Gilmer County is right next to Calhoun County.  I have heard from a number of reliable sources that FirstEnergy employees have informed the Gilmer County Commission that the company is going to close the Mon Power service center in Glenville, the Gilmer County seat.

I believe the WV PSC needs to ask FirstEnergy two questions:

  • How many other local service centers is FirstEnergy planning to close in the next three years besides Glenville?
  • Does FirstEnergy believe that closing local service centers will improve local service and increase meter reading in WV?

I have included these questions in the comment I filed this morning in the WV PSC FirstEnergy billing case.  Here is the text of my comment:

Over the past two years, I have tried to maintain accurate electric bills by regularly reading my own meter & entering my monthly readings with Mon Power. This service is supposed to be included in the $5 customer service charge I pay Mon Power every month, but after repeated estimates and inaccurate billing, I decided I needed to do something to correct the situation.  Mon Power has never offered to reimburse me for reporting my own meter readings.

Because I have a net metered system, I have to report three separate numbers from my meter, total electricity used, total electricity I have sold to Mon Power and the net amount.  My multiple readings cannot be entered on the FirstEnergy Web site, so I have to phone in my readings.  For some reason, this requires that I speak to two customer service people, because the regular meter person cannot handle net metering readings.  I have spent up to 20 minutes on the phone waiting to enter my readings.

The two times I have missed calling in my readings, my bills were estimated two months in a row.  Last month, I phoned in my meter readings & was able to submit them to only one person.  However, when I got my bill, my reading was described as having been read by the company instead of submitted by a customer.  I believe this was an attempt by Mon Power to “cook” the meter reading numbers for their monthly reports to the PSC to make it look as though they are reading meters that customers read.

I have also become aware that FirstEnergy is closing its Mon Power service center in Glenville, WV.  I find it astonishing that FirstEnergy would be reducing local staffing at exactly the same time that their service had deteriorated so severely.

Fewer local service centers in WV will result in longer meter reader routes and service personnel even further removed from customers, resulting in higher travel costs and worse service response.

The PSC staff and the Commissioners themselves should inquire of FirstEnergy how many other local service centers in West Virginia they are planning to close.

Be sure to get your comment in to the PSC before the December 17 hearing date, so that staff and Commissioners have your comment before they start questioning FirstEnergy witnesses.  You can file your comment on line by clicking here.  Use case number 13-0830-E-GI

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