Penelec Workers Locked Out by Union-Busting FirstEnergy

FirstEnergy has already tried to bust the Utility Workers Local 304 at the Harrison Power Station.  Despite a ruling by the NLRB that FirstEnergy was engaged in unfair labor practices, workers there are continuing to work without a contract.

Now comes news from PA that FirstEnergy is refusing to negotiate with another UWA local and has locked out 140 linemen, meter readers, substation electricians and clerks at Penelec, another FirstEnergy subsidiary.

MonPower’s linemen and meter readers in WV are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  FirstEnergy is moving ahead with closing at least one Mon Power service center in WV.  How long will it be before FirstEnergy goes after these union workers’ livelihood?

Thanks to the efforts of our friends in the Eastern Panhandle, we know FirstEnergy has a long term plan to reduce customer services and meter reading for Mon Power and Potomac Edison.  FirstEnergy started cutting jobs in PA back in 2011, shortly after the merger with Allegheny Energy was approved.  FirstEnergy clearly played the WV PSC for chumps when they told the Commission back in 2010 that the merger would be good for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Penelec Workers Locked Out by Union-Busting FirstEnergy

  1. Bill, we are all regarded as “CHUMPS” by WORST ENERGY and the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. We are expected to do what we are told, when we are told to do it, the way we are told, by whom we are told. This is expected to be without protest or comment, except “How high may I jump for you!!!”
    I have just returned a complaint to the PSC against Potomac Edison concerning estimated billing. I received an estimated bill nearly double my actual consumption for the period of 5 September to 4 October 2013. Not only did I have to read the meter to return an accurate consumption, but I am charged for the privilege.
    The “scabs” hired to replace union workers who read the meters are like the one who
    came to my property with nothing to identify himself save his own statement. The inference came from Potimac Edison that I was lying.
    In any other situation, this would be considered “fraud.” But in West Virginia, this is normal business operations.
    Since my equipment has served long past its useful operating lifetime, there is only salvage value left, and little of that. The lines and poles bringing energy to my residence were installed in the late 1940’s,and many have been replaced since installation. Though these poles, with a few exceptions, do not lean as badly as many do, they, too, are completely depreciated. Thus, there is nothing upon which to base a service charge, save the reading of the meter. This is not being done, and thus represents an unjust enrichment to WORST ENERGY.
    I said at the hearing in Shepherdstown that i live for the day I can get rid of Potomac Edison/Worst Energy from my life. I was asked by a representative of Potomac Edison what could be done to help make things right. Nothing has changed since I told that person the damage was already done, and anything at this point was too little too late.
    I only wish that what I and the rest of us had to say at those hearings actually mattered.
    I suspect the PSC takes the position as does WORST ENERGY/Potomac Edison that we are all eccentric liars.
    Why does the PSC allow the utilities under the WORST ENERGY umbrella to collect for services not rendered? The PSC is so far detached from the consuming public that member Mckinney had the gall to inform Berkeley County Council Member Elaine Mauk that she should seek a “budget plan” in response to her complaints about gas service.
    He did not understand that commercial accounts are not eligible for these “budget plans.”
    I hope his colleagues were more attentive to what they were told than was Commissioner McKinney.

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