Behind the ALEC Story – Edison Electric Institute

Many of you have been reading lately about news coming from the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Washington, DC.  Most accounts have given a brief mention of ALEC’s advocacy of state legislation that would put new charges on net metered solar power producers around the US.

Readers of The Power Line know the background of this story very well from an excellent explanation by Ivy Main in East Virginia and from stories here dating back to my account of the Edison Electric Institute’s initial strategy paper on crushing small scale solar generation in the US.

Most of the recent accounts of ALEC’s plans seem to indicate that ALEC is the initiator of the attack on solar power.  ALEC is just the political vehicle of industry groups pursuing their own agendas.  ALEC operates in secrecy to disguise its business motivators behind its tax exempt structure.

In fact, as you know from reading The Power Line, the “free rider” propaganda started in the electric industry back in January 2013.  Look at the members and supporters of ALEC.  You will see the following electric companies: Ohio-based AEP, owner of WV’s Appalachian Power, Dominion Resources owner of Dominion Energy in East Virginia and Arizona Public Service Company which just succeeded in adding fees to solar power generators in Arizona.

ALEC is pursuing a strategy hatched in the board rooms of the US electricity industry, not the other way around.

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