FERC Audit Spanks FirstEnergy’s Transmission Company

FERC has released the results of its audit of FirstEnergy’s trumped up cost reporting for its TrAIL transmission line.  Keryn has the story over at StopPATH WV.  Keryn quotes FERC’s account of the history of TrAIL, linking it directly to Project Mountaineer and transmitting coal-fired power from west to east in PJM.  She also notes that they never once gave Keryn or me credit for this account, which could have come directly from any number of posts on our blogs.

Keryn also has another post detailing how power companies collect their transmission costs from us with little or no oversight, except when citizens like Keryn and Ally do their work for them.

Both posts are worth your time to read.

One thought on “FERC Audit Spanks FirstEnergy’s Transmission Company

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