Citizens and Businesses Begin to Organize to Protect their Water

Citizens are beginning to organize themselves to solve the problems that the chemical industry and local and state politicians have created in the Charleston area.  It started last night on Charleston’s East End.

Now we are seeing that Gov. Tomblin’s claims that area water is safe is simply not true.  The so-called flushing procedures that WV American Water and the federal CDC have cooked up in secret, apparently out of thin air, simply don’t work and chemical residues continue to flow through people’s homes.  The EPA and the WV DEP are still unable to establish when the leak at Freedom Industries actually started.

And, there are outlying areas in WV American’s service territory that remain without any water service at all, after a week.  Not surprisingly, those areas are the most rural and include coal field areas in Boone and Lincoln Counties.

It has started in Charleston’s East End.  As we learned in the PATH fight, no one else has your best interests at heart except you.  You have to make the changes happen to protect you and your families.

You have to start now.  No one else is going to do it for you.

2 thoughts on “Citizens and Businesses Begin to Organize to Protect their Water

  1. We talked at length about the issue today on Labor Beat show. I think you’ve been on it Bill. We had Del Clif Moore and Del Manypenny as well as one of the top lawyers involved in litigation on this very subject Kevin Thompson of Thompson-Barney in Charleston. I have not showered in three days and have done just fine with baby wipes and a mister with Berkeley Springs water from home. There will be laws passed to protect the water this session, too bad they were pushed to do something by such a horrific event.

    • For those of you who don’t know John Christensen, he is a legislative lobbyist with a long history of advocacy for protecting the health and safety of WV families and businesses. As you can see, he’s right there in Charleston working with legislators to make things happen.

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