New Report About the Impact of Solar Power on WV Coming January 28

The Mountain Institute and Downstream Strategies will be releasing a new report showing the way forward for solar power in West Virginia.

The report, titled “Using Solar PV to Create Economic Opportunity and Energy Diversity in West Virginia”  is a clear, simple explanation of why WV needs a thriving solar power industry.  The authors also explain how we can get there with their five policy recommendations.

Here’s the report’s lead in:

Solar energy has the potential to be part of a shared vision for a bright economic future of West Virginia—a future built on a thriving and just economy rooted in the Mountaineer spirit of self-sufficiency and respect. This report explains the benefits of solar energy and provides an overview of the policies needed to expand its deployment in West Virginia.

When the report is release, you can get it right here on The Power Line.  Read it.  And send a copy to your WV delegates and senators.

They will learn about:

  • The dramatic growth in solar power installation in the US in recent years,
  • The impact of rapidly falling cost of PV panels that is driving this growth,
  • Five specific recommendations for legislative action in WV to spur solar power investment in WV and strengthen our state’s economy.

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