Fort Collins, CO Building Real Microgrid

If you want to see how a city creates a microgrid, take a look at this site put together by Ft. Collins, CO.  The project is called FortZED.  FortZED, or Zero Energy District, is a plan to make significant parts of Ft. Collins Net Zero in terms of energy consumption by reducing electricity use, developing distributed generation and producing power through expanded renewable resources.

If you want to see the technologies involved with microgrid development, watch the video on the site –

Remember WV’s puny microgrid project that received US Dept. of Energy but never went beyond the boundaries of WVU’s campus in Morgantown?  Compare that pathetic FirstEnergy controlled project to the dynamic and community-wide Ft. Collins project, which is built around the city’s municipally owned electric company.

One of the major participants in FortZED is New Belgium Brewing Company, makers of Fat Tire Ale.  Not only has New Belgium covered their roofs with PV panels, they are digesting waste to produce methane to produce electricity.

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