WV Rate Payers, Along with PJM Rate Payers, Facing $80.5 Million Charge for MAPP Line

Keryn has the story here on the new transmission line costs that will be hitting WV rate payers’ bills over the next three years or so.

Readers of The Power Line will remember that the MAPP line, one of the four new transmission lines envisioned by PJM and FERC in their Project Mountaineer described here and here, was killed off by PJM in 2012 along with PATH.

Keryn reports that PEPCO Holdings, the owner of MAPP, has just reached a settlement to collect $80.5 million from PJM rate payers under the Cheney Administration’s transmission subsidy plan passed in the 2005 Energy Policy Act.  A similar case to recover stranded costs for PATH is still pending at FERC.

As Keryn points out, the settlement will leave large tracts of key real estate in PEPCO Holdings’ hands free and clear while the company walks away with an $80.7 million gift from rate payers for an unnecessary and ill-conceived project.

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