Think Progress Has a Good Overview of WV’s Failed Energy Policies

Here is an interesting piece at Think Progress about WV’s failed energy policies.  You have read a lot about these issues in The Power Line over the past few years.  It is good that national media are beginning to get it, especially about WV’s fake Coal Promotion Portfolio Standard.  Sorry, I meant the Alternative and Renewable Portfolio Standard.

The authors of the Think Progress piece make one significant mistake.  While they explain how the WV ARPS is not a renewable portfolio standard at all early in the article, they nonetheless refer to it as a renewable portfolio standard in a later paragraph.

Let’s be clear, the WV ARPS law was specifically designed by former Gov. Manchin and the WV Legislature TO PREVENT the development of renewable power by allowing coal fired generation to generate credits to meet the so-called standard.  This was not an oversight.  As people say about computer software, this was not a bug, it was a feature of the ARPS law.

I have explained the situation in a post on the Coalition for Reliable Power Web siteKeryn wrote a later post on exactly how the Coal Promotion Portfolio Standard subsidized WV’s coal industry, based on detailed research by Downstream Strategies’ Rory McIlmoil.  I have also done a post on The Power Line about how the ARPS law is used by WV politicians to hide the law’s promotion of coal by holding back business development and innovation in WV’s energy sector.

All of this information was available to the Think Progress authors on the Web, but they continued to propagate the myth that WV’s ARPS law was passed to do anything about supporting renewable power.

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