PATH Abandonment Case Moving Forward Again at FERC

Over a year ago, AEP/FirstEnergy began the process of trying to “recover” what they claim is $120 million that PJM rate payers, including rate payers in WV, owe them for the stranded costs in their failed PATH transmission project.  Here is my main post on the case from December 2012.

Since then, FERC referred the case for settlement discussions.  Because I am an intervenor in the case, I was bound by FERC rules to keep information on those talks confidential.  Settlement talks broke down last month, so the case was referred to a hearing judge to begin the process of moving the case toward a full evidentiary hearing.  And now the case is back on the public record, so I can continue covering it.

Those of you who are interested in following the case can see the documents that have been, and will be, filed in the case by typing the case number, which is ER12-2708.  FERC’s system is a little goofy, because they have dockets and case numbers all over the place, and your entry in the proper field must be the exact docket number in their system, or you can’t retrieve anything.  Go to this page and enter “ER12-2708” into the field labeled “Docket Number” and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.  That will call up all the documents that have been filed in the PATH abandonment cost case to date.

You should follow this case, because it will have a direct impact on your electric bill if you live in the PJM region, as I do.  We got only cost and harm from the PATH project, now, under the Cheney administration’s transmission subsidy program, AEP/FirstEnergy want us to pay even more.

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