Republican Controlled OH Legislature Fears Innovation – Freezes EE/RPS Targets

Although the OH legislature passed the state’s current Renewable Portfolio Standard and Energy Efficiency targets with just one vote in opposition in 2008, FirstEnergy’s wet dream came true yesterday when the OH Senate gave final approval to a two year freeze on the phase in of real targets.  The OH House is even more controlled by FE lobbyists, as well as fearful Republicans, and is expected to pass a freeze (or worse) in the coming weeks.

FirstEnergy has gamed the OH targets from the gitgo, overcharging customers and failing to bid capacity created by energy efficiency programs into PJM’s markets to generate refunds for customers.

Meanwhile, Duke Energy, another big player in OH, has filed a plan to exceed current energy efficiency targets.

FirstEnergy’s program is a desperate attempt by an entrenched, politically connected company to hold the rest of the OH economy back while it squeezes the last bits of profit from its obsolete coal burners and nuke plants.

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