NY Times Pushing New Transmission in the Hudson Valley

Well, here they go again.  Instead of pushing HV transmission in other parts of the US, like WV, the NY Times is now pushing projects in their own backyard.

Note the peculiarities of reporter Penelope Green’s story: exotic specialty farmers, references to the effects of ionizing radiation, and descriptions of NIMBY objections.  What you won’t find is any detail about what lines will be built and why.  Nothing about the specifics of the project and the NY ISO process that brought it to the drawing board.  No details about the company, Transco, that is supposed to build the new lines.

Oh, and there’s lots of the vague talk about reliability and “relieving congestion” but no specifics on NY ISO’s reasoning.

But this piece isn’t about the facts.  It is the usual propaganda designed to portray line opponents as quirky rural eccentrics and their quixotic attempts to stop a project that is already a done deal.  Where have we seen this before?  Yup, in just about every transmission project that has been proposed in the last decade.

So Ms. Green continues the NY Times’ clueless propaganda for HV transmission in the grand tradition of Matt Wald.

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