PJM Capacity Auction Results Coming Friday

And boy did I blow it yesterday.  Writing a blog by yourself and trying to cram in posts around work and farm life is a dangerous combination.  Yesterday it caught up with me.  I was pressed for time, but I wanted to get a status report up on The Power Line about the recent PJM capacity auction.  In my quick research, up popped a report of the auction.  I ran with it.  It was last year’s report on last year’s auction, which I already covered last year, here.

While I work with no editor, I have lots of alert and helpful subscribers.  One of them notified me immediately that yesterday’s post was wrong.  But the email still went out to my subscribers and to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I have always been committed on The Power Line to good documentation and fact-based posts.  I hope I’m never embarrassed again as I was yesterday.  I have been assured that PJM is releasing the results of this year’s auction on Friday.  I’ll wait until then to report on this year’s auction.

One thought on “PJM Capacity Auction Results Coming Friday

  1. no harm — no foul …. if this is the only boo-boo you make in the midst of such convoluted goings on, you’ve done well.


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