RTO Insider Has Excellent Overview of PJM Capacity Auction Results

This week’s RTO Insider has almost everything you need to know about the PJM capacity auction results for 2014.  Here is a link to their recent post.

The big news this year, in addition to the limits put on imported capacity and demand resources, is exactly what opponents of PATH and all the Project Mountaineer opponents said for the past ten years.

Six new combined-cycle plants cleared for the first time, all of them located east of the west-to-east transmission constraints or in other areas with capacity needs. In total, more than 5,900 MW of new entry cleared.

That’s what we told anyone who would listen.  PJM doesn’t need Project Mountaineer HV transmission to import coal-fired power to the East Coast, the East Coast needs to increase generation capacity in the “constrained” (PJM’s jargon, not ours) areas.  That’s exactly what has happened, leaving only one area in NJ with a higher capacity price than the rest of PJM.

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