WV Near Bottom on Efficiency/Renewables Ranking

The Energy Foundation has just released its annual report ranking states and metropolitan areas on their performance and policies concerning energy efficiency and renewable power.  Guess where WV ranks in both areas?  48th in policy and 49th in performance.  Other states, like California, Colorado and Illinois are rapidly expanding their capacity and programs.  Investment and patent registration is growing right along with this commitment.  Contrast that dramatic business expansion with the whining we hear from Charleston about the collapse of the coal industry.

Here’s the list of the overall ranking:

Pages from 2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index by Clean Edge, Inc-2

Note that there are three states in the top ten, New Mexico, Colorado and Illinois, that are also states with relatively large fossil fuel extractive industries.

I was also glad to see that WV was given no credit for having a Renewable Portfolio Standard.  Many lists of states with RPS list WV among them just because the state has something it calls an Alternative and Renewable Portfolio Standard.  As readers of The Power Line know, the WV ARPS is a fake and is only a way for WV power companies to continue business as usual.

2 thoughts on “WV Near Bottom on Efficiency/Renewables Ranking

  1. It’s one thing to “have relatively large extractive industries” and another to have been a wholly owned subsidiary of coal companies for a century, and thus have little other than extractive industries–and chemicals, because as Manchin bragged, “we do the heavy lifting.” It was a polite way to say, “we’re your toilet, go ahead.”

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