July 19 Interview, 7 Generations on WSCH

Joe Gray interviewed me on his 7 Generations radio show on July 19.  Joe has posted audio of the interview at this link.

In the interview, I refer to a number of trends and posts I have done about them on The Power Line.  Here are some links below that can serve as footnotes to the interview.

Here is the RMI scatter plot graph that I referred to in the interview which plots age against size taken from Reinventing Fire

Lovins graph

  • Here is a link to the Forbes article about Co-op City’s microgrid.  I was wrong in my interview.  I claimed the story was in the NY Times.  It was in Forbes magazine.
  • Here is my post on the NY PSC’s new microgrid initiative.
  • Here is a link to a one pager put out by the MA Dept. of Energy Resources on its new $40 million microgrid grant program.
  • Here is a post with some good links to other articles on the decline of power company investment in our state’s electrical distribution system.
  • And finally, here are two posts about my experience in the derecho General Investigation at the WV PSC, here and here.

I also appeared on 7 Generations last Saturday, August 23.  I’ll post a link to that interview and some more footnotes when Joe posts it on the 7 Generations site.

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