Charleston’s Yeager Airport Looking at Going Solar

Here’s the story.

Yeager Airport officials will explore a solar panel project that could make the airport the first in the nation to run entirely on electricity it generates from solar panels.

The project stems from Yeager’s sustainability efforts trying to lower the airport’s energy costs and carbon footprint.

“It’s an exciting project,” airport director Rick Atkinson said.

At Thursday’s board meeting, members approved a motion to find the lowest bid on the project.

The money for the roughly $15.3 million project, that would place solar panels atop the parking garage closest to the airport’s terminal and in the airfield near the runway, would come from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Atkinson said the money and project is not a guarantee. The FAA has money left over from projects that are divided out at the end of the fiscal year in October for sustainability projects known as 512s.

“We would be a net producer of electricity instead of a consumer,” Atkinson said. “We’d eliminate basically our electricity bill, which is about $450,000 a year.”

Now that is leadership.

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