WV Sun and Community Power Network Building Solar Co-ops in Union and Fayetteville, More to Come

Community solar co-operatives have come to WV.  Co-op buying from a single installer reduces the price of individual systems about 25%.  WV Sun, the WV branch of the Community Power Network, have organized the first two solar co-ops in WV in Union, in Monroe County and in Fayetteville in Fayette County.  27 households will be getting new systems through the Fayette County co-op and a similar number of families are going solar through the Monroe County co-op.

This solar co-op model has grown from its first neighborhood project in DC in 2007, to dozens of projects, and hundreds of families, across MD, DC, VA and now WV.

Here’s how the WV Sun/Community Power Network process works –

Don’t wait around for backwards WV politicians, regulators or power companies.  Get together with your friends and neighbors and make it happen yourself!

8 thoughts on “WV Sun and Community Power Network Building Solar Co-ops in Union and Fayetteville, More to Come

  1. No problem Mary as this is a work in progress and promises to be a real game changer for our solar challenged state policy-wise anyway. When I gave my speech to the PSC on the rate case yesterday on solar bill of rights, commissioner McKinney, you know the one who is in limbo, seemed to be perturbed that I would mention citizens right to produce their “own” power and charge their cars with photons, go figure.

    • Jay,

      I disagree. Union and Fayetteville are not “unimportant.” They are very important to the people who live there. That is why they organized their solar co-ops. If people in Huntington and Charleston felt their towns were important, they would organize their own co-ops.

      • You are right. don’ know what I was thinking when I wrote that. I should be asking who to contact to find out how they are going about founding these co-ops.

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