Commissioner McKinney Parrots Power Company Propaganda at Shepherdstown Public Hearing

On October 6, WV PSC Commissioner Jon McKinney traveled to Shepherdstown to preside over the public hearing about FirstEnergy’s 17.2% rate increase for WV’s residential customers.  A friend of mine, John Christensen, testified at the hearing and asked me to forward him the transcript of the hearing.

When I read John’s testimony, I was astounded to see Commissioner McKinney offering his own testimony on the record on behalf of the holding companies that control WV’s electrical system.  Mr. McKinney acts in the capacity of a judge in PSC cases and should never be testifying on the record pushing the power company agenda.  But push he did.

John Christensen has included in his testimony a description of his home solar power system.  Here is what Mr. McKinney said following John’s testimony:

Just a quick comment about your — one of the things. Obviously one of the things we’re very interested in is how the renewable resources come into the system. A big debate obviously occurs to how the distribution system is used and what the fair charge for a distribution system is. And what we don’t want to do is leave the ratepayers paying for distribution system charges that should be paid through other people.  So please put that in your comments the next time you talk, that concept. Thank you.
So here is an commissioner of the WV PSC interjecting his own recommendation that a witness testifying at a public hearing revise his testimony to reflect someone else’s opinion.  Can this really be true?  But it is right there in the transcript.
And the revision Mr. McKinney advocates is straight from the Edison Electric Institute/ALEC playbook.  It is the fake argument about solar power “free riders” that are costing other rate payers money.
Mr. McKinney has just presented evidence that he should disqualify himself from ruling on any cases that involve solar power in WV.  Shame on you, Commissioner.

One thought on “Commissioner McKinney Parrots Power Company Propaganda at Shepherdstown Public Hearing

  1. Damn straight! What a slap in the face–to tell someone with a home system that next time he should make a point of saying that he’s ripping off other ratepayers by contributing electricity and getting a credit–never a check–for it. Once again, someone working for a corporation but being paid by the public.

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