Vertical Shaft Turbines Popping Up in NY

Wind turbines have not worked well as small scale electricity generators.  Complexity and too many moving parts makes their cost of maintenance high at a small scale.  Generally, efficiencies rise dramatically with size.  For years, innovators have been working on simpler, quieter vertical shaft turbines that are efficient in small scale applications.

Vertical shaft turbines are now being deployed at businesses in the New York area.  Here is a story about some new and beautiful turbines at several businesses.  The TV talking heads get a lot of stuff wrong in the story,  (No, new small scale generation is not “energy efficiency.”) but the visuals are great.

Here’s one set of turbines –

Click on the link above to see the turbines in action.

If these kinds of turbines can be produced and operated at costs per kwh as low as solar panels, we will see a real revolution in decentralized power.

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