9 thoughts on “What Do You Think of The Power Line’s New Look?

  1. I like it. The wood stove and stone walls are very attractive motifs for me, and you don’t have to scroll down too far to find meat; it’s presented in a way that allows quick access to different information, but isn’t a jumble of small print in which every issue and link is present and undifferentiated, which is off-putting and confusing.

    • I’m hoping to do more reorganizing of the blog in the coming months. I want to shift away from the focus on PATH to the broader subject matter I have been addressing since 2012. Wait until you see the header next time you visit the site.

  2. Bill: This is a great new look. I have followed you in the past because of the content and will continue to do so. The new format is easy to follow and read and makes finding content, both new and old, very easy.
    Keep up the good work and the good fight.

  3. Great — clear, attractive, easy to use….. I like the stove and corn and solar array — all yours?

    And i definitely like the expansion of issues that you cover so well. — Thanks.

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