Wind Turbines and Birds

I just came across this Bloomberg blog post from last April.  Wind turbines simply do not cause bird deaths on any scale comparable to other major killers, such as glass clad buildings and high voltage transmission lines, or even cats.

The next time you hear someone talking about how wind turbines kill birds, show them this graph, derived from studies by the US Forest Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service:

3 thoughts on “Wind Turbines and Birds

  1. Good work but I disagree wind turbines also must be in the equation because they also kill birds especially when they are set up as wind farms with the 100ft blades. When they are individually set, say for people generating their own electricity like those having solar panels yes they are safe.

    • John, it appears that you didn’t read the Bloomberg article. The fact is that wind farms do not kill birds in anywhere near the numbers that buildings and transmission lines do. Your distinction between wind farms and individual turbines is irrelevant to the studies that were conducted by the US Forest Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service. Those studies were specifically about wind farms. I have spoken with someone (from a WV environmental group) who was chosen to serve on a study commission as the result of a court case involving one of the first large wind farms in WV. The commission’s study over a couple of years indicated that birds learned very quickly to avoid wind turbines in large wind farms. The study was done in Tucker County, WV near the Allegheny Front, one of the busiest flyways of migratory birds in North America. The experience in WV confirms the broader conclusions that bird kills are far greater from large buildings than from wind farms.

  2. Thank you Bill. This is a most excellent graph. I’ve often wondered about this aspect of the argument against wind turbines.

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