AEP Transmission Line Pulled in Arkansas

The Southwest Power Pool just dumped AEP’s planned 345 kV transmission project in Arkansas.

It was the same old story:

On December 29, 2014, SWEPCO received a notification letter from SPP stating that updated electric load forecasts showing lower future electric demand in North Arkansas than prior forecasts for the area critical to the Facilities, and the recent cancellation of several large, long-term transmission service reservations, establish that the Facilities are no longer needed to meet the reliability needs in the region.


Because of SPP’s determination that the Facilities are no longer needed, and its decision to initiate the process of withdrawing its NTC, SWEPCO no longer seeks the relief requested and hereby withdraws its Application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need in order that this docket may be closed forthwith.

Citizens have won another big victory against multi-state holding company AEP’s transmission onslaught.

We already knew from expert Hyde Merrill (yup, that Hyde Merrrill) that the line wasn’t needed, so it was only a matter of time until SPP pulled the plug.

Congratulations to Save the Ozarks and all the citizens who worked so hard to stop this line that wasn’t needed.

Among all the Arkansas/Missouri media outlets, only the Joplin Globe appears to be the only one that went beyond reprinting AEP/SWEPCo’s press release.  The Globe’s story is the only one that includes interviews with citizens.

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